Wearable Iron Man Suit Mark XLVII
Wearable Iron Man Suit Mark XLVII
Wearable Iron Man Suit Mark XLVII
Wearable Iron Man Suit Mark XLVII

Wearable Iron Man Suit Mark XLVII

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The wearable Iron Man Mark 47 (XLVII) suit costume is made-to-measure and custom made according to your add-on requirement.



  • Complete Iron Man Suit
  • Entire pieces of fiberglass bi-layer: Head, torso, arms, and legs
  • No Lights
  • No Sound Effects
  • No Accessories 


  • The Basic Package 
  • Motorized FacePlate & EyeLights 
  • Ultra Refined Hand Repulsors 
  • Ultra Refined Arc Reactor 
  • Spandex bodysuit


  • The Cool Package 
  • Upgrade to full body activation indicator lights
  • Shoulder bridge missiles (one side)
  • Forearm missiles (one side)
  • Hand cover front lights
  • Voice Changer

Super Pro:

  • The Advanced Package 
  • Shoulder bridge missiles (both sides)
  • Forearm missiles (both sides)
  • Motorized back wing flaps
  • Ultra Refined shoe bottom repulsors
  • Cooling system


  • Helmet material: high strength resin
  • Gauntlets (hand armors) material: high strength resin
  • Shoe material: a pair of sandal shoes, ABS, EVA
  • Body material: high strength resin, ABS, EVA, fiberglass, aluminum alloy
  • Wearing system material: nylon belt, nylon plug, Velcro hooks and loops
  • Painting: primer, color paint, high gloss protection paint


  • Standard producing time: 45 working days, urgent options available
  • Shipping time
    • North America, most of the European countries:  4 to 6 working days by DHL or FedEx
    • South America, Australia, Asia, Africa, other countries or region: 8 to 10 working days by DHL or FedEx
  • Shipping range: worldwide


Generally speaking, it will only take you around 45 minutes to put the suit on for the first time. But after you get familiar with the structure, you will only need about 30 minutes. Important: You will not be able to wear the suit by yourself without any help from at least one assistant.

The suit can be divided into following wearing units (sorted by wearing sequence): thighs & legs, shoes, belly & crotch, helmet & neck, chest & back, arms, gauntlets (hands).