Ultra Realistic Wearable Armors


Still can't believe I finished my armor in just 1 month. It was very simple for me to follow the instructions. Also, the videos are very helpful. Good job!

Robert Schuster

Dear IRONSUIT Management, I did a little tinkering and.... It powered up. Everything works! It fits great. It feels great. The light up eyes are fantastic. This is my suit for Comic Con, San Diego, California. This, to be honest, is probably the best investment I've ever made. I tested everything and it's all ready. You're the best. Thanks for your patience. You're the very best."

Mark P. Belcher

People ask me for pictures and autographs in the street. Thanks to this guide I became quiet famous in my neighbourhood and I'm even earning money with my suit. This is awesome!

Alex Davis

Happy Customers

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